Commission on the Status of Women

Sábado 18, 2023

Topic A: The topic A concludes in which 2 working papers are made, one involving China that included Italy and Germany in a proposal in which women and men have gender equality and resources are given to women to really check the abuse. And the second where countries like India, Afghanistan and Brazil are included where they state that even though there should be equality there are other possible solutions and foundations that might help these women.

Topic B: Regulating pink tax (pink tax is the tendency of women products being taxed higher than men’s products) in this committee a solution for equality will be discussed.

* The group divided in two during lobby time where India, Brazil, United States are one group, and Yemen, Italy, Kenia, China, are another.

* There is a list of speakers at the end of the session that goes as follows

– India and United States

– Colombia and south Africa

– Uganda and France

– China

– Brazil

– Italy

– Yemen and Argentina

– Afghanistan

* Colombia and South Africa affirm that they are only victims because of the economic income they have, therefore importing these products as much cheaper will increase the monetary income and generate money to help with education or living expenses of the people.

* Uganda and France suggest stopping all pink tax to help the economy and the dignity of women.

* China states that other delegations like France, Italy, Yemen will follow the proposal to divide the value of pink tax in 2 so that 50% will be added to men products and 50% in to ensure equality.

In conclusion most of the delegations are worried about the economy of the country and the effect these types of products have. Even though a lot of countries agree with splitting the taxes between men and women products, they don’t have yet a perfect solution which every country is willingly placing.

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