The Judges

Natalia Afanador

Natalia is a musical performer known for being a part of the girl band Ventino. She graduated from Gimnasio la Montaña and took part in all high school musicals during her time there.

She has found a passion for music, acting, and fashion.

Nicolás Quevedo

He is an artist and architect from Universidad de Los Andes. He is also a ballet, contemporary, and jazz dancer in Bogotá Capital Dance and urban dances. He has worked in body expression workshops in Bogotá and Medellin for diverse audiences and spaces. He has also participated in the Feria del Millón for emerging artists in Bogota, Medellin, and Barranquilla with his work Rapto Corporal, which involves plastic, audiovisual, and performative art.

Gabriela Galindo

She studied at Marymount School from 2010 to 2014. She trained as an actress in the performing arts career at Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. She has acted in productions of RCN and Caracol televisión. She has also participated in different short films, music videos, and theater seasons.

José Luis Díaz Palacios

Master in scenic arts with an emphasis in acting from the Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá. He is an actor, musician, singer, and dancer. In 2017, he won a scholarship for young talented artists in 2017 to study physical theater in Moveo, Barcelona, so he is also a body and vocal training teacher. José Luis has an important career conducting physical theater, dance, musical theater, and acting workshops. He has been the artistic manager of Idartes since 2017.

Dévora Roa

Actress graduated from La Casa del Teatro Nacional. She’s also a technologist in audiovisual and multimedia from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Devora is a member of the theater group «Teatro Estudio 87″ and has acted in different productions. She has also participated in several festivals, such as the FICAES Theater Festival in Peru.