The deputy jury of commanders

Catalina Córdoba

Catalina Córdoba

Marymount Prom 2005 - Director of Artist Relations for Latin America at ADA Music.

Marymount prom 2005. She has more than 10 years of experience in musical theater, being part of the main cast of Misi, with whom she performed in several plays and concerts presented in Colombia and the United States. She has also been part of important companies such as Deezer, Sony Music and Red Bull Music. Catalina is currently the Director of Artist Relations for Latin America at ADA Music.

Jorge Gutiérrez

Jorge Gutiérrez

Colombian music composer, performer, arranger and producer.

He has an outstanding career in the field of commercial and general music, in his role as composer, performer, arranger, and currently, as a producer. He has received multiple recognitions and awards, including three grammy nominations and gold and platinum records in Colombia, México and Perú. Nowadays, he is dedicated to the forming and directing of vocal groups, with whom he has participated in prestigious festivals from all around the world.

Cristina Campuzano 2

Cristina Campuzano

Marymount Prom 2024. Film and television actress.

Marymount prom 2024.Theater, film and television actress, born in Bogotá. She studied acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York and has participated in several of the most outstanding productions of recent Colombian television, such as Francisco el Matemático,Correo de inocentes, Operación Jaque, La Nieta Elegida, and Master Chef Celebrity 2022. In 2012, she was awarded the India Catalina Award for best antagonist actress, thanks to her role as Cristina Cadena in Correo de Inocentes. Additionally, she is the creator of Caná Producciones where she promotes social enterprises in Colombia and Mexico.

Jose María Luna

José María Luna

Writer and development executive at Pulsar Studios in Bogotá.

José María is a writer and film director, graduated with honors from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He worked as an independent producer, and currently works as a writer and development executive at Púlsar Studios in Bogotá. Additionally, he is a cultural essayist and creative consultant.

Efraín Bahamón 3

Efraín Bahamón

Language graduate, professor, filmmaker, and screenwriter.

Language graduate, and with a master’s degree in Hispanic American Literature and Creative Writing, Efraín has more than 20 years of experience as a filmmaker and screenwriter. He has served as the Director of the Cinemateca Distrital and the Director of the master’s in creative writing at La Universidad Nacional. By 2015, Dos mujeres y una vaca, his debut film, won the award for best film at the Colombian Film Festival in New York City.