El pasado 21 de abril se hizo el reconocimiento a 51 alumnas, entre muchas que fueron postuladas en cada curso, quienes se distinguieron por manifestar en su comportamiento el valor de la Solidaridad. Ellas tienen la capacidad de ayudar a los demás y actuar para influir positivamente en sus vidas, reconociendo sus necesidades y sentimientos.

Con una metodología interesante que ejemplificó situaciones en las que se es solidario o no,  las alumnas del colegio y los docentes escucharon con atención las propuesta de las alumnas de Quinto grado. Enseguida las laumnas hicieron una entrevista a una mamá de la comunidad Marymount, quien compartió algunas experiencias de solidaridad a través del voluntariado.  Este fue el resultado:

Marymount Flag raising. Camila Duperlu

1.     I would like you to tell us about your current volunteer experience.

Since we are young we all want to make a difference in life….that´s the reason I study law.

But what made myself see the world with other eyes was 8 years ago… the death of my father….I couldn´t spoil him enough…BUT the amazing thing was, that in my pain and with God´s help I discovered the sadness and loneliness of Older People. I realized that, in many cases, our Older People are full of material things but they feel alone, dependent, misunderstood and without a sense of life.

God gave me the strength  to walk into this adventure and to present to the Church and the community a program that promotes health of our Older People…not only physically but psychologically….and I would say this program allows people feel God’s love through a smile, a hug…and a delicious coffee and a donut.

Now we have about 60 persons doing exercise, working their memories and most of all laughing and dreaming!!!

It is like that beautiful song  “Missionary Soul”, I learnt deeply in my heart that I will go wherever someone needs a word, or a  smile, or hope.

We don´t need to go far to find someone that needs to experience God´s love through our arms.

2.     Why did you want to be a volunteer? Because of 3 reasons:

  • Gratefulness: I was blessed with a family, love and faith, so I have the responsibility to share these with others.
  • Source of happiness: We all have problems but I discovered that generosity always….. always brings you happiness.
  • Efficiency: Simple things can change rapidly the life of others.

3.     What have you enjoyed the most about volunteering?

What I enjoyed the most of volunteering is the happiness I feel…..I always feel amazed how others can change with an act of generosity.

4.     In this Flag Raising, we are working with the value of solidarity. How do you see reflected in the volunteer work you do?

Solidarity means to me the capacity to understand the need of others….I think solidarity is the essence of any volunteering.

5.     What actions or activities do you think we need to do at school to work with the value of solidarity?

  • Have the certainty that you can make the difference, whatever you do.
  • Put passion in all the activities organized in school.
  • Continue organizing this kind of activities and workshops of leadership.


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