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Topic B: Discussing the suspension of Syria from the Arab League. (Historical)


The committee continues with topic B, which is to discuss the permanent or temporary suspension of Syria from the Arab League, due to the civil war unleashed by the government.

Opening speeches:

• Syria: immense challenges- war, should not be banned because of this difficult period.

• Syria revolution-civil war

• Violation of human rights

• Crimes against humanity in Syria- consider the principles of the Arab League

• Geopolitical situation that affects all the Arab Countries

• The situation in Syria is a threat to other regions.

• Mortal calamities- government insulting measures.

• Syria has violated the most basic human rights.

• Economics ties

• Security and peace

• Peace pact made by the Arab League violated by Syria.

Informal Debate:

• The Arab league must stay together.

• Syria has infringed the most important treaty- Charter of the Arab League (most specifically article #6)

• Syria abandoned the League and all the efforts that has been made by the it.

• Every vote including Syria’s vote in every decision making in the League.

• Suspension= prevent further economic, political, and social problems

• Syria needs help- what would a suspension do?

• Is not only a problem of Syria, is a problem seen in most of the countries precent in the Arab league.

• Warnings to Syria ignored.

• Article #8: Each member-state shall respect the systems of government established in the other member-states and regard them as exclusive concerns of those states. Each shall pledge to abstain from any action calculated to change stablished systems of government. (This was also violated by the government of Syria)

• Protests in other countries- sociopolitical problems in other participants of the Arab League, not only in Syria.

• Syria has an authoritarianism government that affect the flow of events in the Arab region. (The government is abandoning the citizens)

• A bad image is not a good reason to suspend a country from a committee.

• A suspension could allow the Arab League to stop the actions of the government.

• Pro-democracy graffiti- one of the reasons the violence started in Syria.

• Abandoning of a fellow member of the Islam

• If no suspension or solution is found the problem is going to expand throughout the Islamic peninsula

Lobby Time:

• Renew the peace treaty made in Syria, after it has been suspended for some time.

• Other countries should cooperate with Syria- Egypt offers economic resources.

• Syria proposes a new reform to the Arab action plan.

• Power sharing (Article #9)

• Respect of human rights

• Respect the Syrian constitution.

• Negotiation of terms stated by the delegations of United Arab Emirates and Djibouti for Syria to fulfill them.

• Reintegration of Syria after they stop the conflict in the inside of the country.

• The Arab action plan should be reform in every country of the Arab league.

• Suspension=betrayal


• The purpose of Syria sending spies to Arabian territories is likely to have been driven by a desire to gain a strategic advantage, protect its own interests, and disrupt Arabian activities. However, any such actions are likely to be viewed as a violation of international law and the principles of good neighborly relations, and can result in significant diplomatic, economic, and political consequences for both countries. In that sense, the Saudi Arabia and the Arab league governments will impose certain actions towards Syria, in which it must be included the following:

Diplomatic protest: The Arabian government may lodge a diplomatic protest with the Syrian government, demanding an explanation for the presence of the spies and seeking assurances that it will not happen again.

Expulsion: The Arab League member states may choose to expel the Syrian government from the council, along with any associated diplomatic personnel present in the member state territories. This would send a strong message of disapproval and could serve as a deterrent against future espionage and bellicose attempts.

Legal action: The Arabian government may choose to pursue legal action against the Syrian spies for violating its territorial integrity and engaging in espionage activities. This could involve criminal charges and potential imprisonment.

Economic sanctions: The Arabian government may impose economic sanctions against Syria as a response to the espionage attempt. This could have a significant impact on the Syrian economy and send a clear message of disapproval.


The Topic B ended with 1 working paper and 3 press releases:

1. Working Paper (1.2.1): 4 votes against, 6 votes in favor and 2 delegations abstained. It does not pass.

2. Press Release (2.1): Jordan and Lebanon

3. Press Release (2.2): Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, and Syria

4. Press Release (2.3): Egypt


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