United States Department of Justice

Viernes 17 de febrero de 2023

The committee «Department of justice» begins by talking about laws around Colt AR-15 and Smith/Wesson Glock pistols, to reach an agreement that helps improve security in the US, but without removing the second amendment or the right that Citizens of the United States must be able to have and/or buy a weapon with their proper license.

Opening speeches’ main ideas:

• Reduce the loss of life in the US.

• Biden’s support

• Murders and homicides

• Promotes safety and respect people’s rights.

• Weapons are dangerous in every person’s hands

• Gun violence in the country has raised the campaign to stop gun violence.

• Massacres due to firearm weapons

• Second amendment- A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

• Mass shootings, domestic violence- main protagonists of this are Colt AR-15 and Smith/Wesson Glock pistols.

Informal Debate’s main points:

• Peace

• Gun violence is one of the main problems in the US.

• The guns can be as dangerous as the person who have them.

• Getting a gun is very easy in the US- check the requirements to get a gun.

• How does taking away the right of having a gun is going to affect the citizens.

• Actions around the license of having a gun.

• What types of guns can be used for personal protection?

• Restrictions and regulations

• (Mental health of the citizens)

• Policies in each state

• Switzerland has a military course before buying a gun- apply it in the US.

• Course of how to use a gun or a weapon wisely.

• Community programs

• If the use or purchase of weapons is prohibited, people will try to get them in illegal ways.

• Kids should be taught that guns cause a lot of damage.

Lobby Time:

• One of the proposed solutions is to make a treaty that consists in that in each attack or shooting that there is, the company of the weapon with which it was carried out must pay a fee to the relatives of those affected and/or killed.

• Call 4911, police department to know, run/scape or hide and only if your life is in danger fight back. (Another proposed solution)

• Reduce gun traffic.

• Punishments to the full extent of the law- death penalties or life sentences in prison


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