The group of 20

Viernes 17, Sabado 18 y Domingo 19, 2023

Try to search more energies at a lower cost to prevent future economic downfalls, inforce a procedure of renewable energies and how this will affect the economy.

Germany: The g20 group has decided to make and agenda for 2030, that includes important subjects such as poverty, education, universal health, women empowerment. The countries that don’t follow this rule will be sanctioned.

Indonesia: Wants to discuss what we could do with the inment promotions of e commerce, and the renewable sources. This delegation has a clear stance in boosting investments in e commerce.

United States: Climate change: Joe Biden has already reincorporated himself into the Paris treatment. In agreement with the delegation of Indonesia, and wants to discuss how to boost e commerce

India: The 2030 agenda can and should be changed, it is not necessary to continue doing things if they are not sure of the results.

China: Has a propose to make: Climate change policies focused on trading, such policies that don’t follow certain the world trade agreement will be sanctioned. Wants to create a policy on e commerce to boost environmental trading experience to boost economy and help climate change.

Digital transformation so that every country will have enough access and capacities under commercial and inter political intentions.

European Union: In full agreement with China and Indonesia, the delegation believes that they must connect people and markets, stabilize the economy, further invest in transportation and building terfs; which could integrate every nation of the g20 together, where economy has been threatened, such as ukraine vs russia, and the covid-19 pandemic.

Russia: Wants to be clear that can only lower its service but not cancel this type of services.

Mexico: In agreement with China, Indonesia, and the US, have already agreed in renewable energy, and e commerce. So they now must focus on doing and starting the work since their due date in 2025-2040.

Alliance between Mexico, Indonesia and China:

  • economical resources
  • boost economy worldwide
  • long term solutions
  • If a delegation is attacking or refusing to help the g20’s purpose they will be sanctioned, or if they want to stop legal importation and exportation processes
  • the idea is open for changes and will be a democracy for other G20 delegates to vote on.
  • prevent financial crisis

United States: questions what will conclude in a sanction, what if the delegation does not agree with the project that is being presented

Germany: Is in agreement with the mexico-indonesia-china proposal, and is happy to provide with resources and to help with wants and needs. They are willing to supply technology, and wine ambios, and solar and hydro energy. Is in agreement with the sanctions. E commerce has increased Germany’s economy since 2021

Needs and wants of each delegation:

They want to do trading routes to the digital marketplace.

working paper: 1.1.1

G20 trade policy: china, european nation, and indonesia

monetary fund from drafting countries for the following purposes


cybersecurity and e commerce landscape

February 2020 due date for it

modern and eco friendly system of trade, industry and transportation

g20 countries economy

monetary sanctions,

united states was against

In favor: China, Russia, Germany, European Union, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Indonesia

Against: The United States of America

the working paper passed.

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